Leabox surface-mounted letterbox with pitched roof & intercom prep. - LEA20

•Surface-mounted letterbox system
•with pitched roof
•Comes with intercom screen and bells
•number of boxes can be ordered from 1- 12 times

Number of boxes
from 399,95 €
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LEABOX surface-mounted letterbox with sloping roof and intercom panel - LEA20 (1-12-way)


-Mailbox body made of corrosion-protected and powder-coated steel.
-Door, cladding and access flap made of corrosion-protected and powder-coated steel


-Dimensions of individual boxes: 370 x 330 x 100 mm (WxHxD).
-Overall dimensions: see sketch

Scope of delivery:

-Delivery incl. 2 keys per lock
-1 exchangeable plastic name plate per box
-Anti-vandalism bell push button with exchangeable name plate per box
-Speech screen and device for standard intercom system (no electronics included)
-3-sided letterbox cladding

Features and equipment of the letterbox:

With a Leabox surface-mounted letterbox system, you get the best out of your house wall. Because the LEABOX surface-mounted letterbox with sloping roof and intercom panel - LEA20 (1-12 boxes) can be inserted into almost any wall or partition indoors or outdoors without any structural intervention in the brickwork. For apartment buildings and office buildings, letterbox systems with up to 12 boxes can also be selected.

The galvanised steel is powder-coated in an environmentally friendly way. The surface-mounted letterbox is made of high-quality material and is corrosion-protected, scratch-resistant and weatherproof.

One of the practical advantages of surface-mounted letterboxes is not only that they are easy to install, but they are also well suited for retrofitting. Among other things, a Leabox surface-mounted letterbox can also be mounted on thermally insulated facades (special anchor is not included in the delivery).

Before mounting Leabox surface-mounted letterbox systems, you must observe the corresponding recommendations of the anchor manufacturers depending on the nature of the wall. For houses with thermal insulation, make sure that no cold bridges are created by the fastening screws (use special wall insulation plugs if necessary). For the total weight of the units, you should calculate with at least 4.5 kg per compartment.

The noise-damping flap of the front panel prevents disturbing noise during mail insertion by means of rubber studs on the back of the flap. The LEABOX surface-mounted letterbox with sloping roof and intercom panel - LEA20 (1-12 compartments) has integrated removal protection. This protects your mail from unauthorised removal. All built-in bell buttons are vandalism-proof.

Finally, a small care tip: To ensure that you enjoy your Leabox surface-mounted letterbox for a long time, regular care and cleaning is important. The best way to clean your Leabox article name is to regularly treat the powder-coated surfaces with a solution of warm water and a non-abrasive, PH-neutral cleaner. When choosing a cleaner, pay attention to certain ingredients. Acidic, oxide-dissolving or acetone-containing cleaners should not be used as they attack the surface. Use a soft cloth or sponge when cleaning.

DIN standard:

The LEABOX surface-mounted letterbox with sloping roof and intercom panel - LEA20 (1-12-compartment) in RAL colours is manufactured according to letterbox standard DIN 13724. Large C4 envelopes and catalogues fit easily through the slot and do not protrude from the surface-mounted letterbox.

Choice of colours, materials and extensions:

The LEABOX surface-mounted letterbox with sloping roof and intercom panel - LEA20 (1-12 compartments) in RAL colours is also available in a stainless steel version in our shop. We can also produce other colour requests as special orders; you can then choose between over 200 different RAL colours. Additional buttons, second nameplate with "advertising, yes/no" or illuminated bell buttons are possible. Our friendly Letterbox24 service team will be happy to help you.

Return Policy:

Please note that our Leabox items are custom-made. There is no right of return for custom-made products.
As a gesture of goodwill, Letterbox24 grants a 100-day return policy for 1- to 3-unit letterboxes. The letterboxes must be returned to us in full within the 100 days after the day of delivery. Please note that the letterbox or the 2-way or 3-way letterbox system must be returned undamaged. The shipping costs of the return will be borne by the buyer.

You can find out more in the information on the right of withdrawal.

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