Leabox free-standing mailbox system in RAL 9010 pure white 6 embedding in concrete
  • can be ordered with 2 to 12 mailboxes
  • for embedding in concrete or for screwing on

ColourRAL 9010 Pure white
Number of boxes
1.099,95 €
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Delivery time: ca. 5 weeks (DE - int. shipments may differ)

LEABOX free-standing letterbox system in RAL - LEA3 (1-12-way)


-frame, letterbox body and removal door made of corrosion-protected and powder-coated steel.
-insertion flap made of powder-coated aluminium


-Single box dimensions: 370 x 330 x 100 mm (WxHxD).
-Overall dimensions: see sketch
-insertion dimensions: 33 x 335 mm (HxW)

Scope of delivery:

-2 key per lock
-1 plastic name plate per letterbox

Features and equipment of the letterbox

The LEABOX freestanding letterbox system in RAL - LEA3 (1-12 compartments) is our convertible gem for your front garden. Leabox freestanding letterboxes are perfect for detached houses or apartment buildings. Whether by the fence, directly by the driveway or near the front door, freestanding letterboxes and freestanding letterbox systems have the advantage that you are free to decide where they are placed in your home - just the way you like it. The vertical box shape provides enough space for your mail. Furthermore, you can choose systems with up to 12 units. The vertical letterboxes also include a mail retaining bracket so that your mail does not fall out when you open the letterbox.

The entire letterbox of the freestanding letterbox is made of environmentally friendly powder coating and galvanised sheet steel. The LEABOX freestanding letterbox in RAL - LEA3 (1-12-compartment) is made of high-quality material and is corrosion-protected, scratch-resistant and weatherproof.

A practical plus point of freestanding letterboxes: By choosing the location of the freestanding letterbox system, you can determine how far deliverers enter your property.

There are 2 different mounting options for the LEABOX free-standing letterbox system - LEA3 (1-12-way) in RAL colours. Choose between setting in concrete or screwing onto an existing foundation using base plates. You can select the desired variant when ordering. Our tip: When mounting your freestanding letterbox or freestanding letterbox system, pay attention to the weather side! The front of the free-standing letterbox should not face the weather so that your box and your mail are protected as best as possible when removed.

We recommend the following concrete foundations (B25) for free-standing installations: Dimensions per frame side 450 x 450 mm. For smaller installations, a continuous foundation with the following dimensions is required: Unit width + 450 x 450 mm. Depending on the condition of the ground, the foundation must be enlarged. The depth of the foundation should be at least 700 mm, depending on the frost line in the ground. Please check the existing infrastructure in the ground with the responsible office before excavating so that pipelines, electric cables, etc. are not damaged. All our freestanding units where electrical components are installed are equipped with cable conduits and pull wires for easy electrical installation. Please ensure that the cables are pulled in before concreting. When mounting with base plates, heavy-duty anchors (diameter 12 mm) or equivalent must be used for this purpose. If the free-standing letterbox system is mounted on other substrates with strength below concrete (B25), the warranty becomes void.

The noise-reducing flap on the front avoids disturbing noise during mail insertion. Due to a rubber lip on the back of the flap, it closes quietly. The LEABOX free-standing letterbox system - LEA3 (1-12 compartments) in RAL colours has integrated removal protection. Your mail is thus protected from unauthorised removal. Each letterbox unit of the system is equipped with a cylinder lock and is supplied with 2 keys. The hinge side can be moved from right to left by a simple self-conversion. The door hinges are only loosened and screwed back on the other side. All installed bell buttons are vandalism-proof and the plastic nameplates are replaceable.

Finally, a small care tip: To ensure that you enjoy your free-standing Leabox letterbox for a long time, regular care and cleaning is important. Especially if the letterbox is located near the coast or in areas with high air pollution. The best way to clean your LEABOX freestanding letterbox - LEA3 (1-12-way) from Leabox is to regularly treat the powder-coated surfaces with a solution of warm water and a non-abrasive, PH-neutral cleaner. When choosing a cleaner, pay attention to certain ingredients. Acidic, oxide-dissolving or acetone-containing cleaners should not be used as they attack the surface. Use a soft cloth or sponge when cleaning.

DIN standard

The LEABOX free-standing letterbox system - LEA3 (1-12-compartment) is manufactured in accordance with letterbox standard DIN 13724. This means, among other things, that large C4 envelopes and catalogues fit into the box without being bent.

Choice of colours, materials and extensions

The LEABOX free-standing letterbox system - LEA3 (1-12 compartments) in RAL colours can also be found in our shop in a V2A stainless steel version. Other colour requests can also be produced as special orders. With LEABOX you can then choose from over 200 different RAL colours. Additional buttons, nameplates or illuminated bell buttons are possible. Simply contact our service team.

Return policy

Please note that our Leabox items are custom-made. There is no right of return for custom-made products.
As a gesture of goodwill, Letterbox24 grants a 100-day return policy for 1- to 3-box letterboxes. The letterboxes must be returned to us in full within the 100 days after the date of delivery. Please note that the letterbox or the 2-way or 3-way letterbox system must be returned undamaged. The shipping costs for the return will be borne by the buyer.

You can find out more in the information on the withdrawal.

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