F-042 XXL stainless steel camera wall feed-through letterbox system & system center
  • Single box: 110/330 x 300 x 270 - 405 mm (HxWxD)
  • Electric box: 110 x 300 x 100 mm (HxWxD)
  • Front panel: 270 x 350 mm (HxW)
  • 1 bell, intercom and camera

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F-042 stainless steel pass-through mailbox with bell, intercom & camera + system control panel


  • Material (door, flap, front panel): brushed stainless steel
  • Material box: galvanized sheet steel, powder coated
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Integrated removal protection
  • 1 anti-vandal stainless steel bell button with plastic name plate


  • Dimensions single box: 110/330 x 300 x 270 - 405 mm (HxWxD)
  • Dimensions electric box: 110 x 300 x 100 mm (HxWxD)
  • Dimensions front panel: 270 x 350 mm (HxW)
  • Dimensions insertion flap: 40 x 260 mm (HxW)

Scope of delivery:

As an accessory, you still need a video indoor station from Busch-Jäger. For this we recommend e.g. the following:

Busch-Welcome® indoor station 7" (M22381-W-03), Busch-Welcome® panel (83220 AP-624 or 83221AP-611), Busch-free@homec Panel 7" (83221AP-611) Busch-SmartTouch® 7" (6136/07-811).

If you are interested in purchasing, please contact Busch-Jäger, an electrical specialist or an electronics store directly.

To establish normal audio/video communication, the following electronic modules are usually sufficient:

  • Video indoor station (not available from us - please contact your electrician or an electronics store)
  • System central (available separately)
  • Audio module (already mounted)
  • Camera (already mounted)

Depending on the type of cabling and other conditions on site, additional modules may be required. We recommend in any case a prior consultation with your local electrician.

If several video front-door stations are used, you should check with your local electrician whether an outdoor video distributor is required.

If required, only one audio indoor station can also be integrated in a residential unit. In this case, only audio communication and door opening are possible. A possible indoor station for this is e.g.  ABB Busch-Jäger-Welcome® Innenstation M22002

For the integration of tablets or smartphone with the Welcome IP-Gateway  app, the  can be purchased additionally.

For questions or individual requests you can reach us by...

... Phone +49 (0) 351 8509 2552

... Mail info@letterbox24.de

... Mobile/Whatsapp/SMS + 49 (0) 162-7915100

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F-042 XXL Edelstahl Mauerdurchwurf Briefkasten mit Klingel, Sprechsieb & Kamera
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Bedienungsanleitung Busch-Welcome 83300 Systemzentrale
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