D-041 3-piece stainless steel camera through-the-wall letterbox system
  • Single box: 110 & nbsp; x 300 x 230 - 380 mm & nbsp; (HxWxD)
  • Electric box: 220 & nbsp; x 300 x 100 mm & nbsp; (HxWxD)
  • Front panel: & nbsp; 600 & nbsp; x 350 mm (HxW)
  • Variable depth
  • 3 bells, intercom & nbsp; & amp; Camera

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D-041 3-way stainless steel wall pass-through mailbox system with 3 doorbells intercom & camera + system control Panel.


-Material (door, flap, front panel): brushed stainless steel
-Material box: galvanized sheet steel, powder coated
-Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
-Integrated removal protection

-3 Anti-vandalism bell push buttons with plastic nameplate.


Dimensions single box: 110 x 300 x 230 - 380 mm (HxWxD).
-dimensions electric box: 220 x 300 x 100 mm (HxWxD)
-Dimensions front panel: 600 x 350 mm (HxW)
-Dimensions of insertion flap: 40 x 260 mm (HxW)
-Variable depth
-First from a depth of 330 mm the box complies with the standard DIN EN13724

Scope of delivery:

-Delivery incl. 3 keys (for each mailbox).
-Letter box is delivered completely assembled (post removal from the back)
-ABB Busch-Jäger audio module 83110 and ABB Busch-Jäger camera module 83501-101 (already mounted)
-Busch-Jäger system central unit 83300 (supplied separately)

As a addition, you still need a video indoor station from Busch-Jäger. For this we recommend e.g. the following:

Busch-Welcome® indoor station 7" (M22381-W-03), Busch-Welcome® panel (83220 AP-624 or 83221AP-611), Busch-free@homec panel 7" (83221AP-611), Busch-SmartTouch® 7" 6136/07-811

Please contact Busch-Jäger, an electrician or electronics store directly.

To enable normal audio/video communication, the following electronic modules are usually sufficient:
-Video indoor station (not available from us - please contact your electrician or an electronics store).
-System central (available separately)
-audio module (already mounted)
-camera (already mounted)

Depending on the type of cabling and the condition of site, it may be that other additional modules are required. We therefore always recommend prior consultation with your local electrician.

If several video front-door stations are used, you should check with your local electrician whether an outdoor video distributor is required.

If it's required, just one audio indoor station can also be integrated in a residential unit. In this case, only audio communication and door opening is possible. A possible indoor station for this is e.g.: ABB Busch-Jäger-Welcome® indoor station M22002.

For any integration of tablets or smartphones with the Welcome app, the IP gateway can be purchased additionally.

For questions or individual requests you can reach us by...

... Phone +49 (0) 351 8509 2552

... Mail info@letterbox24.de

... Mobile/Whatsapp/SMS + 49 (0) 162-7915100

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D-041 3er Edelstahl Mauerdurchwurf Briefkastenanlage mit Klingeln, Sprechsieb & Kamera
Hier können Sie das Datenblatt zum Durchwurfbriefkasten als PDF herunterladen: PDF D-041 3er Edelstahl Mauerdurchwurf Briefkastenanlage mit Klingeln, Sprechsieb & Kamera
Montageanleitung zum Kameramodul 83501-101
Hier können Sie eine kurze Montageanleitung zum Kameramodul downloaden. PDF Montageanleitung zum Kameramodul 83501-101
Bedienungsanleitung Busch-Welcome 83110 Einbau-Audiomodul
Hier können Sie sich die Bedienungsanleitung zum Busch-Welcome 83110 Einbau-Audiomodul downloaden. PDF Bedienungsanleitung Busch-Welcome 83110 Einbau-Audiomodul
Bedienungsanleitung Busch-Welcome 83300 Systemzentrale
Hier können Sie sich die Bedienungsanleitung zur Busch-Welcome 83300 Systemzentrale downloaden. PDF Bedienungsanleitung Busch-Welcome 83300 Systemzentrale
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