ABB Busch-Jaeger-Welcome® intercom set
Set consisting of audio module, control unit and intercom system for indoors

Number of indoor intercoms
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The following components are generally required for normal video/audio communication in letterboxes:

  • Microphone and loudspeaker: For audio communication, a microphone and a loudspeaker are required, which can also be integrated into the letterbox.
  • Control unit/system center: A device that controls the communication between the outdoor microphone and the indoor stations.
  • Indoor station: A display with loudspeaker inside the house to be able to see and speak to the person at the door.
  • Connection technology: Depending on the system, this can be 2-wire bus technology, LAN or WLAN.
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Bedienungsanleitung Busch-Jäger-Welcome® Systemzentrale Mini 83301
Bedienungsanleitung Innenstation AP-624
Bedienungsanleitung Innenstation M22002-W-02 mit 3 Tasten
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