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Letterbox24 - Design letterboxes according to your requirements

We offer you high-quality letterboxes and letterbox systems in various designs. You will enjoy our durable and weather-resistant letterboxes made of stainless steel for many years. For a certain touch of colour on your wall or entrance area, you will also find letterboxes in various RAL colours. Whether a large XXL letterbox or a small mailbox model - we make sure that our letterboxes meet your wishes and needs.

Convince yourself of the very good price-performance ratio of our letterbox systems!

Use our free shipping within Germany. We ship our products all over Europe. You can pay conveniently and securely by PayPal, with your Amazon account, by invoice or other payment methods. If the ordered mailbox does not fit for your installation, this is no problem. With our 100 day right of return you simply send your order back to us and get your money back. Our very good rating at "Trusted Shops" confirms our service and the quality of our products.

If you are missing a mailbox in our online shop, we will be happy to help you personally. Also with additionally desired elements or a special color we can provide you an individual offer. We will be happy to advise you by telephone, e-mail or WhatsApp.

What is the right mailbox type for me?

There are many different types in the mailbox jungle. In our shop we offer you all common letterbox types. Which one is best suited for you?

Pass-through letterbox - the hidden space miracle with pass-through
Convince yourself of the best price-performance ratio of our pass-through letterboxes in Germany!

We are specialized in the type of pass-through letterbox. In our shop you will discover many variants for different wall thicknesses or box shapes. We offer classic oblique, angled or straight-through letterboxes for installation in a wall. Particularly practical is the variable depth, which many of our mailbox models have. The letterboxes can therefore cover a wide range of wall thicknesses. Whether you need a slim model for your brickwork or a large mailbox for any amount of mail... you will find your new mailbox with us!

Zaun Briefkasten - the eye-catcher at the fence and gate

For mounting on fences or gates, you can discover our fence throw-through letterboxes. The mailbox is thrown in from the front in the same way as a wall opening. Whereas the removal from the back of the box happens. So you do not have to leave your property for the post removal. We have fence letterboxes that are suitable for different types of fences. Angles are often sufficient for fixing.

Flush-mounted letterboxes - the elegant space saver with frame

If you want your letterbox to disappear into your brickwork and have an elegant and flush finish, you will find the right model in the flush-mounted letterbox category. Especially in narrow corridors, there is often little space for letterboxes. A space-saving solution is the flush-mounted letterbox. The box is inserted into the brickwork and ends with a frame flush with the wall. The flush-mounted letterbox is particularly durable because it is inserted into the wall.

Surface-mounted letterboxes - the classic wall decoration

Surface-mounted letterboxes are designed for surface mounting on walls. This low-cost letterbox model convinces with its simple and quick installation on the wall indoors or outdoors. There is no need to intervene in the construction of your brickwork.  If possible, a surface-mounted letterbox can also be mounted on a fence using angles. Surface-mounted letterboxes can also be found in our shop with a newspaper roll or a speech screen.

Letterbox front panels - the right cover for your wall

If your existing mailbox needs a rejuvenating treatment, you can also order separate front panels from us. These letterbox panels can be manufactured in various sizes and RAL colours on request.

Letterbox systems - individual solutions for your apartment building

Do you need a letterbox system for your apartment building? In our Shop you will find different letterbox systems from 2 to 6 units, which are included in our standard assortment. You will find the throw-through letterbox systems with or without intercom. But not everyone can use a standard product. If you need a larger or individual letterbox system, we will be happy to make you a personal offer.

For the other letterbox types, we will also make you an offer for a letterbox system according to your wishes.

We can also advise you individually on door side panels and freestanding letterbox systems. The door side parts can be produced to a desired size. This insulated system can thus be integrated into an existing front door. Free-standing letterbox systems are very suitable for outdoor installation. The system can be produced to customer specifications for concreting in or screwing on. Our online assortment does not include these two letterbox types. However, we are happy to offer these for you on request. Just give us a call or send us an email. You will find an overview of our letterbox models and accessories in our catalogue for letterbox systems.

Electronics - communication between outside and inside

To complete your mailbox you will find a selection of electronics, such as intercoms for inside and outside, control units, switching actuators, video distribution boxes and camera modules. You can purchase individual elements or a complete set for your new intercom system.

Letter box EU DIN standard 13724
Almost all letterbox models meet the requirements of the letterbox standard DIN 13724. What does this standard mean? Homeowners or renters don't want their mail to protrude out of the mailbox and get wet because the mailbox is too small. Likewise, no one wants their mail to get out of their mailbox broken and damaged because the slot is far too narrow. In addition, a mailbox must be safe and weatherproof. All these criteria and a few more are taken into account during production. The dimensions are adapted so that a DIN C4 envelope can be inserted in landscape or portrait format. The box size is sufficient to insert the cover completely. We also offer letterboxes that do not meet the letterbox standard. We would also like to offer solutions for narrower or special spatial conditions.

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